Customers of Capital One may confirm transactions with ‘thumbs up’ emojis and talk to interactive SMS bot

10 March 2017

Account holders of Capital One will be able to communicate with the chat bot recently unveiled by the company. Eno (‘One’ word spelled backwards) SMS bot responds queries of customers using natural language and even emojis based on the artificial intelligence. The bot is gender-neutral and is able to provide answers to multiple questions.

The questions range include balance on the account, recent transaction history, due dates of the bill payment, limits on the credits and many others. Natural language processor of Eno bot understands questions given in many different ways ranging from long sentences to short ones.

If the chatbot has no answers or cannot recognize the question and provide relevant answer to it, Eno redirects customers to the exact page on the website of Capital One, where the question is considered or addressed.

Apart from direct questions customers may also use emojis recognized by Eno, including the money bag for quick question on the account summary and thumbs up emoji to confirm the transaction. Besides, Capital One provided for fun features, allowing customer to ask the chatbot to tell the joke or as a question ‘Are you a boy or girl?’

This February mobile-only bank imaginBank owned by Spanish financial services company CaixaBank, unveiled the introduction of the chatbot for Facebook Messenger, first in the industry, to provide users with the proposals for rebates and up-to-date information on offerings across restaurants, stores, traveling tours, hotels, cultural arrangements, education, fashion and beauty industry news and many more.

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