Crowdfunding platform launched in the UK to sponsor female businesses

24 October 2016

A founder of Love Home Swap Debbie Wosskow OBE in partnership with CEO of Hearst Magazines UK Anna Jones unveiled their new business for funding the companies managed by women. The partnership brings the new crowdfunding platform called AllBright Crowd which will also be paired with AllBright Angel Network and AllBright Academy to help find talented business women in the UK and fund their ideas.

AllBright Crowd will be allegedly the first of its kind crowdfunding source to target exclusively female led projects with the investments to be made into companies of various formats, including startups and developed businesses. The project objective is to make the United Kingdom to be the world’s best place for women to found their businesses.

The crowdfunding platform comes on the wheels of the recent study that showed that funding is mostly provided for businesses managed by men, leaving women talents far behind. So the two founders have firm intention to repair the situation and fill this gap.

The founders believe that apart from helping the businesses to grow with the investments and experience shared by them, the investors themselves will benefit from this project accessing the underestimated space of female talents in the UK.

Wosskow notes that the United Kingdom is full of undiscovered female ideas that need to be brought into real world and supported.

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