Contactless payments QuickPass now live in Canada for UnionPay users

16 August 2016

QuickPassA payment services provider UnionPay is expanding its presence in the North American region by introducing is contactless payment platform in Canada on the basis of QuickPass HCE. The technology was introduced at the end of the previous year to provide NFC payments for the Android users without any need in extra application or additional layer of internet security for the device.

At the moment Quick Pass service, which is compatible with many devices of various vendors and makes, is supported by a number of entities in Canada.

In addition, consumers have an option of paying with a contactless debit card for the amount of 100 Canadian dollars. The card is accepted at about 70 thousand points in Canada.

UnionPay is a financial association  of card issuers in China which operates being approved by the People’s Bank of China. Today it is the only brand of payment systems so widely accepted across the whole mainland by ATMs of all banks connecting them with the ATMs of Hong Kong and Macau.

The launch of EMV technology on UnionPay cards resulted in the adoption of QuickPass platform for contactless payments which resembles the similar product of MasterCard and Visa like PayPass or payWave, respectively.

Using the technology consumers make payments with the funds transferred from the bank account on the card itself in the form of an electronic money.

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