Comeback of Xaurum Cryptocurrency Initial Coint Offering

25 July 2016

Xaurum CryptocurrencyXAURUM cryptocurrency is bringing back its Initial Coin Offering proceeding to the second stage of its operation. Initially XAURUM showed itself as one of the leading services, including Bitcoin, being one of the rare digital currency providers integrating the precious metals and cryptocurrency. According to the platform developers the currency stands out from other alternative services with its gold funds provided for partial storage of XAURUM value.

Exchanges back each XAURUM by 1 gram of certified 999.9 gold which can be melted and exchanged. At the moment the price of XAURUM is about 493 US dollars. Taking into consideration the desire of XAURUM audience the rebirth will mean the split of each XAURUM into 8000 units providing the users with the opportunity to purchase the currency with the sizable rebate at the RICO event.

The event will be used to attract every wishing person and their funds to be collected for supplementary gold. New XAURUM coins will bring the profits to be spread among investors of RICO.

Apart from this, XAURUM is modernizing its technology and shifting from Blackcoin PoS blockchain to the Ethereum. The shift will be accompanied with the modifications to the operation procedure for advantage of possible new customers, besides, the restrictions will be lifted and customers will have an opportunity to make XAURUM coins.

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