Coinbase forms a venture fund to invest into cryptocurrency startups

6 April 2018

Coinbase Coinbase unveiled its plans to establish its own venture fund to invest into fintech startups at early stages, as it is seeking to contribute to the development of innovative products and services. The fund to be known as Coinbase Ventures will participate in financing of cryptocurrency-focused firms and other businesses emerging in the market with their unique technologies.

Coinbase shows interest, mainly in decentralized exchanges, providing their investors more control over their funds and ‘stablecoins’, cryptocurrencies with less fluctuating prices and low levels of volatility.

Emilie Choi, vice president of corporate and business development at Coinbase, notes: “We’re going to try to identify pockets of interesting opportunity early on in the life cycle — we’re talking literally at seed stage — and see how they blossom.”

Choi also added that Coinbase may eventually takeover some cryptocurrency exchange: “You may also see us invest in companies that ostensibly look competitive with Coinbase.”

She emphasized that Coinbase will not be practicing any protectionism or favoritism in its daily business, trying to put spin on the tokens and currencies listed on its exchange, in case Coinbase has any investments made into such startups. The company will be keeping up with the policy of ‘secularization’, distinctively separating its interests and listings of the cryptocurrencies on its marketplace. Simply put, Coinbase won’t tolerate any conflict of interests.

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