Coffee fans may now load funds to their Starbucks cards from Apple Watch

27 September 2017

Starbucks continues its efforts to digitize payment experience of their customers allowing them to reload Starbucks cards with Apple Pay directly from their Apple Watch. Reloading Starbucks cards was previously possible only using the iPhone application while payments with Starbucks card were accessible only from the installed mobile Wallet application.

While Starbucks is currently accepting payments on Apple Pay made from Apple Watch at most of its locations, funds deducted from the debit or credit card accounts do not accrue bonuses unlike Starbucks cards. Making payments on Starbucks cards results in additional perks and rewards.

Starbucks cards are stored value cards offering improved customer experience as they allow users to make payments for their drinks with rebates and activity rewards. Loading funds from Apple Watch does not require saving debit or credit card to the Starbucks application, which directly interacts with Apple Pay.

Last month Starbucks Malaysia announced support of Alipay payments for Chinese tourists travelling across the nation for paying for a cup of coffee at any Starbucks location. Chinese people travelling to Malaysia may purchase their favorite drink at all 242 Starbucks outlets paying in renminbi using their Alipay account on a mobile device.

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