ClickDirectPay launched to process wire transfers online in Europe

25 July 2016

ClickDirectPayClickDirectPay service was launched by GH Capital Inc., the first financial technology product in Europe. Primary market for the service will be Germany and Austria. The company makes a statement that the platform feature transparent fee policy and competitive pricing model (0.75%). About 120 merchants already registered for the payment gateway include electronic commerce websites, internet based gambling services and other entertainment portals.

According to a director of the service it is just the initial fintech product of GH Capital while there will be more. The company believes the payment processing platform will be a good help for the European businesses for it provides low processing commission.

The service represents an online payment processing gateway for payments made online by wire targeting primarily the European market. It is a very low cost option for online sellers wishing to see their profits grow at the expense of the cut costs. While consumers across many European countries show their preference towards online payment with wire transfer instead of plastic cards ClickDirectPay is introduced at the right time satisfying the demand of the market.

With the new service users may make payments online using their bank account while placing an order. ClickDirectPay confirms the transaction for the merchant in real-time, thus accelerating the service provision.

Customers may directly pay to the bank account of any merchant or seller online. Retailers may trace their transactions in real time mode. The service complies with the strict standards of the online banking system adopted in Germany.

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