Class action suit against Bank of America over debit card ripoff

10 November 2016

Class action lawsuit is going to be launched against Bank of America on allegations that the bank abuses its position of exclusive card provider for prisoners in Arizona prisons and charges extreme fees for its services. The case contains the statement of the prisoners that they are forced to become customers of the bank and to accept its debit card.

The case is covered by Courthouse News Service, which reports that every time a prisoner wants to withdraw money from an ATM, the bank charges 15 US dollars for the transaction with 2.50 US dollars charged for the connection to the customer support service. Bank of America charges even for withdrawing cash from their own teller machines and, furthermore, makes prisoners to pay fee for balance check.

After release from the prison the individuals who want to use their own cash they earned they are made to become a customer of Bank of America with the debit card issued in their name as the bank is the exclusive provider of the debit cards provided for Arizona prisoners released from the corrections facilities.

All money earned by inmates in Arizona prisons are transferred to Bank of America’s CashPay debit card. And as they have no other option to get access to their funds they have to pay drastic fees for using their cash. The fees are based on the contract that the prisoners have never agreed to and signed.

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