Citi to trial Chatbot in Facebook Messenger in Singapore before commecial launch in Q4

11 September 2017

Citi, a New York-based transnational banking and financial services global corporation, is set to introduce a chat-bot service for its Singapore customers using Facebook Messenger. The beta testing involving select Citi customers and employees comes ahead of a massive release across the whole Asia Pacific region. The bot will be first operating in Singapore before it will be commercially available later this year in Q4.

Within the framework of its preliminary testing Citi Bot will be used by the pilot team to make account related requests including account balance inquiry, checking transaction history, asking for credit card bill summaries, information on rewards and balances of accumulated points and sending general questions.

At the second stage of the trial Citi plans to add several more options and functions including card activation, locking and unlocking credit cards, setting alerts on transactions made on the payment cards.

Speaking for Citi Asia, Felimy Greene noted that the strategy of the company is to expand its presence into the environment where customers spend most of their time, which among other things include social media. Thus, introducing Citi Bot to Facebook Messenger helps achieve just this very goal.

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