Citi Pay mobile application is introduced for Android devices

11 November 2016

Citi Pay is going live on Android devices in a number of countries this month as reported by Citibank. Now credit and debit card holders may use their login credentials to access their Citi accounts for a new mobile application downloaded from the Play Market. With the new functionality customers may shop online or make contactless payments with their smartphones supporting the near-field communication technology.

Citi is teaming up with Mastercard for the operation of its new Android platform with merchants in 33 countries to provide eventually access to its 100 million consumer base.

According to an executive from the company the new service allows Citi shoppers to make payments while shopping online or with mobile devices or at physical stores. This comes contrary to the forecasts about mobile payment adoption, as the company is making its every effort through the dedicated unit Citi FinTech to offer more and more innovative services powered by the latest cutting-edge technologies.

Earlier this month Citi unveiled that iPhone users across the United States will be provided a special service over their Citi Mobile App to contact the customer support and contest the bills charged to their accounts. Credit cardmembers will be able to state about the improperness of the charges in the mobile application on the grounds of damaged or returned goods or if the charges are wrongfully repeated.

Android based application will be initially launched for consumers in Singapore, Australia and Mexico with the US launch scheduled for early 2017.

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