Citi credit card holders may now challenge the charges via Citi Mobile

3 November 2016

Citi MobileCredit cardmembers of Citi using iPhones in the United States will now be able to contest the items in the bills charged to them using the Citi Mobile App. The company unveiled the new option added to the mobile application allowing consumers to dispute the charges they believe are undue or improper. The new service will ease the tension between the consumers and the support service making the conversation less emotional and more understandable and clear.

Credit cardmembers will be able to state about the improperness of the charges in the mobile application on the grounds of damaged or returned goods or if the charges are wrongfully repeated.

Initially the service will be added to the iPhone only mobile application while Android-based devices will see the new functionality later in December.

After the submission of the statement specifying the merchant that allegedly wrongfully charged the consumer a cardmember will be notified of Citi’s actions and the stage of the submission processing with follow-up steps to be expected.

An executive for interaction with consumers and digital technologies at Citi notes that the company is committed to improving the customer experience with the innovative services enhancing the mobile banking functionality. According to the official statement Citi is so far the only issuer in the United States to offer such a service accessible through the mobile application.

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