Christina Camacho, CEO of Current Payment Solutions: ‘We are solutions based and do not push products on our clients’

19 July 2017

Current Payment SolutionsStaying up-to-date in the payment processing industry is a key for successfully tapping the needs of customers and standing out in this competitive market. Today we are talking with the payment solutions provider Current Payment Solutions (CPS), allowing businesses to remain ‘current’ on their payment services offering. This story has been kindly provided by Christina Camacho, a CEO of CPS.

Christina Camacho is a veteran banker with over 10 years of experience delivering Cash Management Solutions on behalf of the world’s top financial institutions. During her tenure, she focused on clients with revenues of 5-500MM in annual sales. While her client base included mostly for-profit organizations she also worked with the government & non-profit sector in South Florida. Christina worked with Commercial Bankers and large corporate companies while providing a consultative approach in the design and implementation of payment acceptance.

At 26, Christina successfully built out a Merchant Services division for a Community Bank with 10B in assets. Her knowledge of the payments space allowed her to make concise decisions that would positively impact the bank and the team that would work with their clients. In 2015, Christina decided to start her own business providing solutions to business owners and supplying technology to Community Banks and Credit Unions.


Christina, could you introduce in brief your company? How did you start this business?

Current Payment Solutions provides payment acceptance solutions to companies seeking to push the boundaries of innovation. Whether their clients are a start-up or a well-established business, CPS can provide tailored solutions that will accelerate cash flow, protect our customer’s information, and help them manage their receivables more efficiently.

While everyone else focuses strictly on processing, and deliver a “one size fits most” solution to what a business needs, CPS takes a three-prong approach that delivers a unique solution for our clients.

At Current Payment Solutions, their first step is getting to know our prospective clients. They look at where you are, where you have been, and where you are looking to go.  They work alongside their clients to help them achieve their goals. They present options for payables and receivables not limited to credit card acceptance.

What are your key solutions you are currently offering? Could you, please, outline some of them?

We offer payment processing for retail, online, and mobile business owners.  We excel in the non-profit and municipality sectors. We have technology that assists our house-of-worship clients with tithing such as: text-to-give, kiosks, and online giving payment gateways.  For our municipal clients, we offer: Online & Mobile Bill Payment Systems, Customer Service Representative Payment Systems, Interactive Voice Response Solutions, Direct Debit, and Lockbox Solutions.

Six months ago we launched Ivy Lender, our small business-lending platform that connects our clients with lenders to provide working capital.  We use algorithms to pre-qualify  our clients and match them with lenders that are able to provide funding.  We also partner with Community Banks and Credit Unions to provide financing solutions to their clients that were not approved for tradition credit facilities.

What is your primary target audience?

Our target audience is forward-thinking business owners looking for a strategic partnership. We do not look at our clients as just a number, so we are looking for clients that have that same thought-process when partnering with us.  We want to grow with our clients. We will come up with a strategy for growth and schedule quarterly, semi-annual, or annual relationship reviews to make sure that we are growing together and keeping our clients current with the latest payment solutions.

What are main advantages of your offering compared to similar products and services in the market?

The main advantage of partnering with CPS is that we look at the full cash flow cycle and can connect our clients to our banking networks for solutions outside of our product offering. We are solutions based and do not push products on our clients.

What are security measures you take for the peace of mind of your customers?

We launched at the same time that EMV was rolling out in the United States.  Almost every conversation that we have with a new prospective client starts off with strategy on upgrading outdated technology and implementing an EMV solution to protect their bottom line.  We also make sure that our clients are PCI compliant and understand how to protect themselves against chargebacks.

How customers may join to access your solutions?

For credit card processing, clients can either call us directly at 1.800.719.8223 or email us for more information at

Customers that are looking for business funding can apply for business loans directly on our Ivy Lender website.

How well is fintech sector presented in your market? What challenges do you face?

Both the payments and alternative financing space are saturated with competition.  We are focused on honesty and integrity.  We are straight-forward with our clients.  Our biggest challenge is actually being honest with pricing, there are a lot of teaser rates on the internet and door-to-door salesman that create unrealistic exceptions from business owners.

What is your outlook of your company in the long term?

Our long-term goals include expanding out international footprint and product offering.  We are always looking to grow our strategic partnerships to enhance our solutions that we offer to our clients.

What other financial startups may learn from your experience?

It is important that you give yourself credit for every achievement, as little as it may be.  Fuel your vision with perseverance when you are faced with obstacles. Successful entrepreneurs embrace challenge and react quickly.

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