Chinese WeChat blocks a blockchain-based app

9 May 2018

WeChatWeChat, a Chinese multi-purpose messaging, social media and mobile payments platform, discontinued support of a third-party application developed on the basis of a blockchain technology on allegations it is not currently compliant with its guidelines.

Xiao Xieyi, or Mini Protocol, introduced this week on Wednesday and advertised as a tool created to help WeChat users to conclude digital agreements, but the program was suspended within a day by WeChat.

The service, designed by Niuco Box, a Beijing-based blockchain-as-a-service platform, enables parties to make encrypted and recorded agreements upon reaching consensus for a fixed fee. The profit derived through the application was expected to be used for paying the miners, processing the transactions in the blockchain.

However, the application was suspended by WeChat, as this type of service is allegedly not authorized by the social media platform.

It is one of early efforts by Chinese startups to bring blockchain technologies to wide audience in the social media space. Earlier this year CEO of Tencent, a parent company of WeChat, said that the messaging platform has reached a benchmark of over 1 billion active users globally texting over WeChat every month.

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