Chinese visitors to New York and Las Vegas may pay for taxi using Alipay

18 October 2017

AlipayAlipay is partnering with San Jose-based payment solutions provider, Verifone over the introduction of mobile payments for taxi fare to Chinese tourists visiting New York and Las Vegas through familiar payment environment. Under the terms of the new deal with Verifone Taxi Solutions, Alipay is expanding its presence for its Chinese users to taxi network in the United States.

In the official statement the companies reported that any user of Alipay, both Chinese and from other markets, will be able to make payment for taxi tours around New York and Las Vegas using their Alipay wallets. Alipay will be accepted by about 2,000 taxis in Las Vegas by the end of the current month, while in New York 14,000 taxis will connect to Alipay by the end of the next month.

Souheil Badran, speaking for Alipay North America, notes that payment of taxi fare may be challenging for people traveling abroad, especially given the fact that many tourists have little knowledge of the foreign language. The deal with Verifone allows Chinese tourists to the most popular destinations in the United States to enjoy confidence and peace of mind as they can pay for their rides using the familiar payment option they are accustomed to in China.

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