Chinese travelers to Malaysia may pay for Starbucks with Alipay

25 August 2017

AlipayAlipay becomes available for Chinese tourists travelling across Malaysia for paying for a cup of coffee at any Starbucks location nationwide. The official report unveils that from now on Chinese people travelling to Malaysia may purchase their favorite drink at all 242 Starbucks outlets paying in renminbi using their Alipay account on a mobile device.

Using Discovery platform Chinese travelers may find any nearest Starbucks store and come to order any of the hot or cold drinks and pay for them in RMB using Alipay account. Besides, Alipay and Starbucks are jointly holding a promotional action from August 18 to October 31 allowing Chinese travelers to pay with Alipay at Starbucks and get a 10% discount along with the 10% voucher provided for future redemption after the first transaction.

Dayong Zhang, speaking for Alipay, notes that Starbucks is among the top visited destinations for Chinese tourists when they travel overseas, and given this fact Alipay provides its Discovery platform that helps users find the nearest Starbucks store in Malaysia, making their travel convenient and enabling them to feel at home.

Sydney Quays, speaking for Berjaya Food Berhad, which operates Starbucks franchise in Malaysia, says that now Chinese tourists may use Alipay for purchasing their favorite Starbucks drink at all stores across Malaysia, which include 32 Drive-Thru concept stores and 15 stores in the airport, just making several clicks on their mobile devices.

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