Chinese blockchain index rates EOS first and dumps Bitcoin to the 17th place

25 June 2018

The China Electronic Information Industry Development (CCID) of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology published its latest report containing its assessment of the blockchains, where it placed EOS blockchain to the first position in the ranking list, moving Bitcoin to the 17th place, a drop from the 13th position.

The major task of the CCID research institute is to perform an independent evaluation and ranking of the blockchain projects, analyzing 30 main blockchains in terms of their technological functionality and use cases without valuating their financial aspects. The index created by the  CCID aims to weigh the development of the public-owned chains and provide accurate assessment of the blockchain trends.

The index rated EOS at the top, while placing Ethereum and NEO second and third to EOS, respectively. Ranking EOS at the first place contradicts the actual state of the cryptocurrency, as the project saw serious problems with the transactions soon after the launch on June 14. Besides, before the official start of the project, EOS demonstrated remarkable flaws described by a Chinese internet security company, which put forth a requirement to urgently provide patches. That security firm also reported significant shortages in the project’s code that could enable attackers to compromise the nodes, providing them access to full control of transactions.

Meantime, the CCID’s report elaborated on the rankings, showing that EOS was given 102 points in the category of fundamental technology, 15.4 points for applicability and 44.1 points for innovation. Ethereum, in turn, was given 85.2 points for fundamental technology and 24.9 points for applicability.

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