Chase Visa cards can now be loaded to Android Pay account

7 September 2016

Android PayNew functionality is added to the wallet of Android Pay this week. Chase Visa payment cards can now be loaded to the mobile payment application for mobile and online transactions. Users now have a capability to enter their card accounts to the Android based mobile wallet and make payments for their purchases.

Similarly to previous card association with the Android Pay account, consumers are protected against identity theft via special tokenization technology when their account numbers are hidden behind special characters. In addition they will be able to see the account statements on the committed transactions and purchases.

Account holders just need to log into their Android based application for mobile transactions with the NFC powered technology on the platform of any Android operating system from KitKat4 or higher and upload the shot of their Chase Visa payment card taken to their mobile cameras. After that transactions may be charged to their Visa card with Chase bank.

Chase Visa have been already added to the rivals of Android Pay, and the new card association with the Android Pay account is unveiled while the banking tycoon is already offering its own mobile product Chase Pay.

According to the projects of the research agencies US consumers will be using mobile wallets totaling the transactions up to 27.5 billion US dollars by the end of the current year, a 19% share of the total smartphone users. Chase is the largest American bank and holds the position of the 6th largest in the world.

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