CellPoint Mobile helps air carriers with faster mobile payment implementation

2 August 2016

CellPoint MobilePayment solution provider for airline industry CellPoint Mobile is offering a new solution known as Velocity which integrates three options to allow air carriers to use an array of mobile payment services available on the market to enhance customer experience and make their offerings more attractive through convenient, diversified and secure transaction methods.

Now airlines may include popular payment methods and payment solutions for passengers thus boosting their revenues and at the same time responding to the growing consumer demand for smartphone-based shopping.

Three options available on Velocity include Engage, Accelerate and Advance packages each of which feature different number of payment options and apps made accessible to users. The company executive notes that their product has been designed to enable air carriers to become more up-to-date and offer leading players in the mobile payment market such as Google, PayPal, Apple and others.

Earlier in 2015 the company introduced Apple Pay option and in 2016 CellPoint announced functionality of Android Pay solution on its platform. The company is confident the increased number of payment solutions and payment methods will be of a great benefit for airline companies, reducing their expenses and providing them with the added value for consumers who will be more interested to go on from just looking through the ticket offerings to quick booking.

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