CashStar makes online gifts customized and wanted to recipients

14 December 2016

cashstarPortland-based ecommerce solutions company CashStar is shaping the new form of online gifts for consumers with the launch of its new product eGifting. The product for retailers helps avoid returns and increase profitability of the gifting programs. With the new functionality consumers send gifts to their friends or relatives through online stores to their email.

The gifts have no size and no preferred color and shipping address. The retailer contacts the recipient and discusses the required size or shape or color and provides an opportunity to exchange the gift proposed by the giver for another preferred option. Thus, the gift recipients can themselves customize the gift that was sent to them according to their own preferences without any need to tell about it to the giver.

Taking into account that most recipients just pretend to be happy about the gift (73% of Americans) and only 10% express their true reaction, eGifting helps change that preventing unwanted gifts.

Gifting is a challenge both for givers and retailers as featuring low conversion rates the gifts result in expensive returns. Last year around 15% of the holiday purchases were returned worth of 90 billion US dollars in goods.

One of the first retailers to join the program was Nordstrom announcing the introduction of eGifting on their website for the time of holidays.

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