Card not present fraud now prevented with added biometric authentication policies by MePIN

13 February 2017

mepinHelsinki-based MasterCard Start Path company MePIN / Meontrust Inc in expanding its biometric solution’s functionality by adding more features increasing the security of online transactions with further proof of payment for cases of disputes between customers and merchants. MePIN Universal Authentication is added two new authentication policies: Human Recognition and User Recognition that goes far beyond protecting only customers and establishes fraud prevention to benefit merchants as well.

The new policies could be used along with the conventional authentication options including PIN codes and fingerprint identification supplementing the security that cannot be fully ensured by passwords, SMS confirmation and fingerprint authentication. The new policies can eliminate the gap in the transaction process when merchants are not protected against further repudiation by customers.

Now card not present (CNP) transactions will be performed with the human recognition that enables live identification when human user is identified during the payment process with the optional snapshot photo or video recording. When a user performs a payment its face is recognized when entering the PIN code or fingerprint scanning. Thus with the photo optionally saved during the transaction process merchants or retailers have proof of transaction for potential disputes and fraud investigations.

Meantime the user recognition policy ensures that only registered customer is given access to payment authorization comparing the preloaded face features with the photo or video made during the transaction.

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