Capital One enables online shoppers to make purchases hiding their credit card data

12 March 2018

Capital OneCapital One announced the introduction of a new feature into its chatbot Eno enabling customers to order the issue of virtual numbers for their existing credit cards to protect their online shopping experience against identity theft and other cases of fraud resulting in data breach.

Customers will be able to use Eno assistant through the extension to be added to their browsers for making online purchases without the need to enter the real number of their credit cards every time. This is aimed at providing them more control and security during online shopping.

Upon cardholder’s request Eno assistant can issue instantly a unique card number specifically for the given online retailer or merchant to be used for the current or future online purchases, while charges for the transactions are reflected on the credit card statement as usual.

Using the control panel, cardholders will be able to lock and unlock the virtual numbers for certain retailers and stores, which will not affect their physical credit cards. Besides, Capital One plans to expand the functionality of the service and add such features as transaction limits and time limits on selected merchant cards and issuing virtual cards that could be used only one time.

As American consumers feel concern about security of their online transactions, many shoppers tend to make purchases at a restricted number of select merchants and retailers, which are known to them and have proven to be safe and reliable. With this customer concern in mind, Capital One decided to introduce virtual card numbers allowing customers to shop at more online destinations while staying safe and assured that their actual credit card information remains hidden for websites.

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