Canadian First Global Data expands non-cash remittance services reach of Indian Avenues Payments

24 April 2017

First Global DataAn international payments company based in Toronto First Global Data is partnering with an Indian non-cash money transfer services company Avenues Payments India Pvt.Ltd. over the integration of their global remittance platforms for expanding their mutual reach. Avenues is an owner of RemitGuru service along with other websites providing to customers online and mobile instruments for sending money cross border.

Under the terms of the partnership First Global will be ensuring license coverage across many countries, including the U.S. and Canada, to enable transactions as well as its mobile wallet and distribution functionalities. The integrated platform will be offering multi-currency based services with ecommerce, mobile commerce, bill paying, telecom top-up and coupons.

At the moment the companies are finalizing issues related to platform integration, linking bank accounts and other questions for ensuring the start of the fluent process of money remittance and payment service in the shortest time possible.

India is one of the largest money transfer destinations in the world, with about $72 billion sent to the country last year. Given the fact CEO of First Global notes that the partnership creates more opportunities for their business expansion and reaching the prosperous market, thus boosting the company’s revenues.

This statement is supported by CEO of Avenues, who underlines that the cooperation will be beneficial for their further development, providing expanded reach and increase of their sales.

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