Californian psychological services company starts crowdfunding campaign with Indiegogo

26 December 2016

brightA California based coaching company providing psychological help to people in a host of various fields BrightCoach is launching a campaign to raise more funds for the expansion of its business and at the same time provide some incentives and perks to contributing people. The company is teaming up with IndieGoGo crowdfunding platform to collect money during its program which starts on January 2.

Founder and the CEO of the coaching company explains that money raised from the crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo will be invested into developing their infrastructure and employing more talented specialists while also supporting the existent personnel. Besides, BrightCoach plans to improve its technology facilities adding the new intelligent features and personalizing the services.

According to the press release the campaign will last from January 2, 2017 for 40 days and will attract up to 30,000 people across the United States and worldwide to help collect the funds. Every donator will be encouraged to contribute small amounts approximately from 25 to 500 US dollars while being provided rewards and gifts for that, including downloads from their website and personal psychological profile as well as coaching session in person.

BrightCoach CEO adds that the company’s objective is to improve lives of people in all areas from rural communities to large cities across the globe and help them move to a new level of their personal and business development.

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