Broker accounts at Coinbase outrun Charles Schwab, set to beat those of Fidelity next year

28 November 2017

Coinbase According to the report posted this week by CNBC, Coinbase, a San Francisco based digital exchange broker, has overpassed Charles Schwab, a bank and brokerage firm, by the number of accounts recorded both in October and November.

The report indicates that as of October Charles Schwab had 10.6 million active brokerage accounts, while that of Coinbases was at the mark of 11.7 million, a 148% growth above the figure reported last year. In November the number of users recorded for Coinbase was 13.3 million.

Bespoke Investment Group comments the situation, saying that the growth of cryptocurrency exchange accounts seems natural in view of rapid growth of Bitcoin value at the markets accompanied by overall buzz globally.

Over the weekend the value of Bitcoin went over the record high of $10,000 with the total market value standing around the $160 million level.

Coinbase is currently the largest and the most popular digital exchange platform in the United States, processing transactions and exchanges in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. As the value of Bitcoin has increased dramatically, the number of active users at Coinbase has surged more than two fold. Experts expect the number of active accounts at Coinbase will beat that of Fidelity, the first largest broker in the U.S.

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