British retail bank Tesco enables facial authentication for mobile banking on iPhone X

7 November 2017

Tesco Tesco Bank, an Edinburg-based British retail bank, has introduced a new option for secure authentication used on its mobile banking application. Customers will from now on be able to switch to facial recognition on their new Apple iPhone X devices for logging in and confirming their transactions.

In order the use the Facial ID on their mobile applications, customers will have to make sure that the functionality is enabled on their devices, after which they will be suggested by the application to enter their password or special code to confirm they really want to switch to facial recognition option instead of conventional authentication methods. The new feature comes with the latest update of the mobile banking application allowing owners of iPhone X to use Face ID for operating their accounts with other security measures still remaining available.

Grant Bourbousson, speaking for Tesco Bank, noted that integrating the new technologies into the customer experience shows the bank’s continued commitment to address the current needs of their clients, providing them with digital services based on the latest innovations.

Tesco believes that the new feature is the bank’s explicit statement underlining its efforts to give more convenience and flexibility to their customers. The new biometric authentication option is expected to increase experience of over 1 million customers already using the mobile app and those to come later.

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