BNP Paribas creates opportunities for minibonds on blockchain

20 September 2016

BNP ParibasUnlisted market players will be offered an opportunity to issue their minibonds using special crowdfunding services as BNP Paribas Securities Services is making steps to enhance its blockchain platform for private securities. The banking services institution is teaming up with the companies in the crowdfuding market including Lendosphere, Enerfip and Lumo.

These companies help crowdfund renewable energy projects. Meantime, the bank will be acting in line with the public program on encouraging private firms to offer their minibonds on the basis of the crowdfuding market.

The bank is paving the way to create a distributed ledger for listing minibods and recording associated deals and modifications to the ownership.

According to the reports from the banking company the new service will be accessible by the year end while France is still in the process of finalizing the laws on the minibods market.

Earlier in the spring the European financial market leader BNP uncovered the project for partnering with Smart Angels crowdfunding company to provide facilities for private sector to issue stocks on the primary market while ensuring availability of the secondary market access for investors on the platform of the blockchain system.

According to the executive at BNP blockchain technology better suits the needs in financing of the private sector as they have less transactions as compared to the companies listed on the markets.

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