BitPay unveils Visa-branded prepaid card for making purchases for BTC or BCH

5 March 2018

BitPayBitPay, a global Bitcoin payment services provider based in Atlanta, United States, announced the introduction of its new financial instrument for customers: a Visa-branded prepaid card enabling users to make purchases online and at physical stores with automatic conversion of their cryptocurrency balance into US dollars.

BitPay Visa Prepaid Card is available for ordering online, and users may purchase it for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and top up the card with Bitcoin (BTC) or BCH directly from the platform’s website or BitPay mobile app.

Given a large number of options for conversion in view of different exchange rates, as well as fees charged by different miners, BitPay recommends users to compare the two blockchain options before they decide on what cryptocurrency to choose when making a payment.

According to the official statement, the new card will be issued by Metropolitan Commercial Bank for customers in the United States and will be available for use at all terminals accepting Visa cards.

Last month BitPay announced the launch of its new wallet BRD (Bread) compatible with Payment Protocol QR codes, which means that users may avoid underpayments, overpayments and cases of refund risks. The new wallet may be used for making payments to BitPay merchants from Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum accounts.

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