Bitcoin shopping: retailers and service providers accepting the cryptocurrency

11 April 2018

Bitcoin is viewed by most outsiders as some exchange instrument used for manipulations, and such sentiments are generously fed by some enthusiasts alleging that cryptocurrencies are good only for making investments. However, in fact, cryptocurrencies are increasingly taking over other niches in the lifestyle of consumers, coming into online stores as a payment method accepted for purchases and services. This is our brief summary of a small portion of companies out of many, which offer their customers to pay with Bitcoin for goods and services.


MicrosoftMicrosoft offers users of its products a possibility to use Bitcoin to deposit their accounts. However, Bitcoin cannot be used for purchasing items at the online store, customers can pay with Bitcoin only for games, movies and apps sold in Windows and Xbox stores. It should also be noted, that all Bitcoin funds on Microsoft account are not refundable, users may only deposit them, while withdrawal is not available.


CheapAirEstablished in 1989 by Jeff Klee, this American travel agency provides an option for travelers to book and purchase tickets using Bitcoin as a payment method. In the process of registration the air-ticket customers are shown a list of available payment systems and gateways, including Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency can be used for purchasing both domestic and international flights. CheapAir is the only one company accepting Bitcoin as a payment for air flights. All transactions are processed through Coinbase.


PlayboyIn mid-March Playboy announced the launch of a new feature for its customers, allowing them to access Playboy TV content using cryptocurrencies. By the end of this year, the network plans to establish a special cryptocurrency wallet for the viewers and at an early stage it will be accepting Vice Industry Token.


OverstockOverstock is one of the oldest online retailers and the first big online retail chain, which started accepting Bitcoin back in January 2014. Shoppers may purchase any item on the website and pay for it with Bitcoin. Furthermore, went far beyond that by accepting other major cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Monero and Litecoin.


PizzaForCoinsPizzaForCoins operates in the manner of an intermediary service allowing customers to order pizza from Dominos, Pizza Hut or Papa John’s and pay for it with Bitcoin. PizzaForCoins claims to accept 50 cryptocurrencies for pizza now. When a customer places an order, the address should be specified for the system to identify the nearest location of the three pizza networks. After the locations are found, a customer is asked to select the desired pizza restaurant and pay for the order with a cryptocurrency. The final bill will include some fee for the service.


ExpediaExpedia, a global travel agency, headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, offers travelers an option to pay for hotel bookings with Bitcoin. The company started accepting Bitcoin as a payment in June 2014. Expedia is working with Coinbase for processing the transactions and accepts Bitcoin for hotel accommodations only. Still, there is a possibility that the chain will start accepting the cryptocurrency for the tickets as well.

Other companies

The list of companies ready to accept Bitcoin as a payment for their goods or services is quite long and includes such big players as Subway, Wikipedia,, Lionsgate Films, Rakuten, Badoo, Stripe and websites like Reddit, OkCupid, Namecheap, The Internet Archive, Zynga, Grooveshark and many others.

While for many Internet users Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are still just a way to make investment and derive profit from the price change, the phenomenon of digital money is increasingly getting into a more extensive context, as retailers and service providers are becoming more open for this financial instrument.

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