Biometric authentication expansion for Standard Chartered customers

15 August 2016

Biometric authenticationA multinational banking and financial services company with the market capitalization of £15 billion as of 20 January 2016 Standard Chartered is launching its biometric authentication technology for banking services in a row of Asian, African and Middle East countries. The biometric identification service will be used by consumers to get access to their accounts via smartphones and iPads. Voice and TouchID fingerprint recognition will be introduced for customers along with the biometric powered authentication on Samsung Android products.

The bank has already launched the biometric recognition platform in Singapore, United Arab Emirates and across India. Now the authentication technology will be expanded across China, Hong Kong, Middle East and several markets in Africa by the end of this year.

Late in 2016 the company will implement the biometric recognition for customers in India and United Arab Emirates followed by a wider expansion in the new year.

Executive at the company notes that with the new fingerprint technology and voice recognition customers will experience enhanced comfort and be safe logging into their accounts, accessing their cards or savings and deposits from any point across the globe.

Earlier in the spring within the framework of the bank’s 1.5 billion US dollars program for deploying cutting-edge technologies across its banking services the company unveiled its plans to provide mobile and internet-based banking services to consumers in the African region. Later in July Standard Chartered uncovered its intent to implement videobanking in a number of nations, including Malaysia, Bangladesh, India, UAE and others.

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