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2 February 2018

The web is supposed to make shopping simple. Click, click, click and before you know it, that sweater, bag, or box of T-bones is at your doorstep. When it works, it is like magic. But when it does not, you can end up surfing endlessly.

Lots of sites claim to make shopping easier. There are more than two dozen price-comparison search engines alone. Some are worth your time and some are not. So we scoured the web to come up with a short list of mobile shopping apps that you can count on for great deals every time you shop. Bookmark them before you buy another thing!


FlippShopping with paper coupons and weekly flyers may seem outdated in our digital world, still, there is no denying the convenience of circling the best deals directly on your smartphone. Flipp combines the best of both worlds by providing a digital library of all the latest flyers and helping you build shopping lists within the app. All you have to do is to tap on a specific product or coupon within the digitized flyer, and the app will automatically circle and add it to your digital grocery list for higher shopping experience.

Flipp brings you the latest weekly ads from your favorite stores including Walmart, Target, Family Dollar, Walgreens, Kroger, and over 800 more retailers. You can save 20-50% on the items you need every week. With a simple to use interface that includes handy features like shopping lists and the ability to scan loyalty cards, it is easy to see why Flipp has been named one of the best shopping apps by over 350 publications. Flipp works with Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch.


IbottaIbotta (pronounced “I-bought-a”) mobile app lets its base of 20 million users unlock tailored cash rewards at more than 500,000 retail locations across the U.S. by performing simple tasks before shopping. Cash is then deposited in the consumer’s Ibotta account in near-real-time via linked loyalty account, mobile in-app purchase or verified receipts. Using Ibotta’s app, consumers have earned more than $120 million in cash back rewards. The app works at retailers including Walmart, Target, Walgreens, etc.

Ibotta transforms retail loyalty programs into a unique consumer opportunity. The app serves as a mobile shopping companion that creates a seamless loyalty experience. Users perform tasks such as taking polls to obtain targeted mobile cash discounts before they set foot in a store or visit a retailer website. That said, you will need to accumulate at least $20 in your Ibotta account before you can transfer your money to PayPal, Venmo, or a gift card.


MallzeeIf you like the buzz of going to a physical mall, or read fashion mags for a different kind of buzz, Mallzee could be for you. It tracks trends from more than a hundred big clothing brands, allowing you to discover the newest collections and the freshest threads. The app also touts feeds you can personalize for events or specific items, along with price drop notifications for the latter.

Mallzee allows savvy shoppers to access to over 100 retailers with a single swipe. Its advanced technology creates unique personalized style profiles making finding that perfect outfit quick and easy. The app even sends alerts when items you have liked are reduced in price – all handily via your mobile and for free.

Mallzee also provides an invaluable data insights tool for retailers helping them gain actionable real-time knowledge into how their products are being perceived and engaged with across various consumer demographics such as location, age and gender – this is all done via sophisticated trend analysis with no individual customer data being shared.

The app has ranked in the top 100 apps in 48 countries. It is available on Android, iPhone and iPad.


EbatesEbates is the pioneering cash-back site, founded in 1998. It is affiliated with more than 2,000 stores, including major retailers like Macy’s, Target and Kohl’s. Aside from money back, Ebates offers exclusive deals and coupons.

Shopping through Ebates is simple. Find the store you want, click on the “shop now” button, and make your purchases. After you have paid and checked out, a percentage of the purchase will post to your Ebates account within seven days. Ebates issues payouts from accounts on the 15th of February, May, August and November.

You can choose to receive your earnings via PayPal or a mailed Big Fat Check. You can also ask to have your payout donated to your favorite charity. Say you want to buy an $800 laptop from Best Buy. If you make your purchase through Ebates, you will get back 4% of your purchase in your next payout. That is $32 in your wallet for doing nothing! Sounds too good to be true? It is not. The associated companies pay Ebates a commission for every sale made through their site. Rather than pocketing the full commission, Ebates is giving half of that commission back to you. It is a win-win all around.

Mobility and ecommerce are just beginning to merge into one seamless, unstoppable juggernaut. This means it is time to give up the attitude that shopping apps (of any nature) are off the radar for IT pros. No matter how you try to recode it, we are consumers. To that end, why not make use of an app (or apps) dedicated to helping life be more efficient and productive? After all, are not most IT pros all about productivity?

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