Barclays unveils the new service for direct investments online

29 November 2016

barclaysCustomers of Barclays will be able to enjoy new online investment service providing them with the tool to shape customized plans for financing and managing their funds. Using the online direct investment instrument customers will be able to gain comprehensive information for achieving their goals.

With the new platform Barclays account holders can access an array of financial tools to manage and review their investments, savings and current accounts. The service will at the launch be accessible only to Barclays clients and in 2017 it will be offered to a wider audience. Online investment tool has no minimum deposit amount and features open and clear commission structure.

Furthermore, users will have access to the tutorials along with the consultation to help clients decide on whether the investment in stock markets is proper for them prior to providing any money for investment management. As noted by an executive at Barclays, the company wishes to provide assistance to clients in a rapidly changing world giving rise to financial uncertainty and, as such, provide instruments for better planning of their financial stability.

The new online investment service among other things helps customers improve their understanding and knowledge of the financial markets and stop fearing to invest because of misconception about the sophistication of stock market investments. Barclays’ executive adds that the service is meant to eliminate all such barriers and increase their confidence when making investment decisions.

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