Barclays introducing biometric authentication

1 August 2016

Customers of the largest bank Barclays will now be able to use biometric authentication system to access their accounts instead of the phone passwords previously deployed by the financial giant to protect their users. In a move to prevent telephone-phishing with the passwords Barclays revealed after its announcement of the voice recognition service that it will be implementing the biometric technology as an additional tool to ensure fraud prevention.

The password technology features vulnerabilities as fraudsters make calls in their attempts to get personal information of the victims from the bank operators by way of their social media schemes.

At the moment Barclays has not yet unveiled the partner to provide biometric structure while the service is scheduled to launch later this week.

At the first stage consumers’ voices will be verified one or two times, later the company promises to make the system to be more smooth and secure without any need on the part of the users to input sophisticated transactional information.

Executive at Barclays says the company has been conducting the trial of the service to ensure operability across a large number of people with the low rejection rate.

Consumers won’t have to unveil their latest transaction, when there is something private or confusing they don’t want to discuss in public with an operator.

Barclays thinks the technology will benefit both businesses and customers, allowing the companies to lift the registration rate and get more information about their consumers while ensuring security of transactions.

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