Barclaycard report shows positive response of charities to contactless donation boxes

30 January 2017

According to the latest data from the research conducted by Barclaycard, charities shared positive feedback with regard to the use of contactless donation boxes as they boost the contribution activity in cases where people do not take cash with them. The research was started last September with the trial across eleven leading charities in the UK.

Charity entities used portable donation boxes sending volunteers for the dedicated events or putting those boxes near the checkouts in charity shops. Contactless charity boxes were developed in cooperation with Paywords, Miura and Sprout. They are developed to accept Chip and PIN cards as well as contactless payment cards and smartphones.

According to the report the trial resulted in over 20,000 pounds in donations for charities with the positive reaction of the public. Spokesperson for Barclaycard Payment Solutions notes that the comments about the trial was positive as the boxes features ease of use, adaptability and ensuring donations on the part of grantors who previously had no opportunity to do so.

According to the data from Barclaycard, charities today miss over 80 million pounds in donations because they are focused on cash only contributions, while four in ten British donors carrying no cash with them and virtually always having a card or NFC-enable smartphone.

Earlier this month ING Group unveiled its plans to introduce special charity boxes with the contactless transaction capability to allow donators with little cash on hand to use their payment cards of NFC-enabled mobile devices to make contributions.

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