Barclaycard creates a multi-bonus credit card for Uber app

26 October 2017

Uber Uber, a ridesharing app developed by San Francisco-based Uber Technologies Inc., is integrating further into the financial technologies industry by launching its new perk-abundant Visa credit card co-branded with Barcaycard US. Starting November customers looking for a driver through their Uber app for a ride may apply for a card and upon approval of their credit worthiness may start immediately using it. The physical card will arrive within several days after that.

The new Visa credit card provided by Uber will have no annual fee and charge an interest rate from 16% to 24%. Uber will be inciting customers with a generous bonus program including 4% cash back on payments made for dinners, 3% cash back on hotel booking and air tickets, 2% cash back returned on online shopping, Uber rides included. The company explained that the perks will be provided as Uber credits, gift cards and traditional cash back.

Apart from cash backs customers are offered to get back $100 on $500 spent within the first 90 days from the card issue moment. Those Uber users who spend $5,000 during the year will be provided a $50 credit for subscription to such services as Netflix and Spotify. Other bonuses will be provided in the form of mobile insurance and invitations to the events such as secret shows.

Barclaycard expressed its confidence that the new partnership with Uber resulting in access to over 60 million customers using Uber app will add to the efficiency of its customer acquisition scheme.

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