Banking technologies laboratory announced by Emirates NDB

6 September 2016

A new test facility for developing advanced technologies and trialing new products in the financial sector is introduced in the United Arab Emirates. NDB announced the implementation of the new project for the special laboratory that will be dealing with the issues of understandable, easy to use and intuitive platforms and products for the consumers of banking services.

The plane of the consumer services will be researched by domestic specialists in the sphere of commerce and innovations, the study will be held with the use of digital tools for the further development of advanced banking goods. The laboratory will be underpinned by cutting-edge ideas and fresh trends in a move to create something truly out of the box.

While there were different flows of innovational actions in the country, the laboratory will make this process more organized and harmonic. The process of financial innovations will be its work and the laboratory will be researching in such fields as mobile payments, social banking services, fintech.

Earlier this summer NDB unveiled the future intent to create the digitalized bank for the next generation people within the framework of the heavy invested project for the modification of the whole online and mobile planes. UAE corporations and authorities make huge investments into the development of the fintech sector. Dubai Holding with Dubai Future Foundation announced their 275 million USD project for the technology development with the key focus on smart technologies and blockchain last month.

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