Bank of America unveils a new credit card with unlimited and long-lasting travel bonuses

19 September 2017

Bank of AmericaBank of America, a Charlotte-based multinational banking and financial services provider, unveiled its new Premium Rewards program to allow owners of the new credit card to gain unlimited amount of points for their purchases and these points will never expire. BofA reported in its official statement that apart from unlimited points without expiration period the new program provides a flexible reward scheme and special travel perks.

Jason Gaughan, Card Products Executive at Bank of America, says that after review of the customers’ feedback and wishes the company developed this new financial instrument to enable flexibility and advanced reward structure which best suits their daily priorities. Combined with the Preferred Rewards program the new credit card brings higher level of benefits providing more value to the customers.

Using the Preferred Rewards credit card customers of Bank of America will be earning up to two points for every dollar spent on their travel and diners, while gaining 1.5 points for each dollar spent on a host of other purchases. Subscription for the Preferred Rewards program additionally increases their points by 25 to 75%, meaning that each dollar spent on travels and dining will bring them 3.5 points, and each dollar spent on other purchases will add 2.62 points to their accounts.

The program also provides for other benefits, including a free choice of redemption: whether it is cash back as a statement credit or deposit to any eligible account with Bank of America or Merrill Lynch. Besides, the accrued points may also be redeemed for travel purchases such as air, car and hotel booking via the Bank of America Travel Center. Another redemption option includes gift cards.

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