Baidu to open face recognition restaurant with KFC China

27 December 2016

Chinese internet giant Baidu is teaming up with KFC China over another partnership to start one more smart restaurant in China. This time it is located in Beijing. Earlier the smart restaurant was launched by both companies in Shanghai. The new project will feature face recognition system which will use the reading of the visitors’ faces to make an offer of the potential food set they may order.

This smart restaurant will be unique and will differ from the one in Shanghai in that KFC China in Shanghai uses robots to accept orders. In Beijing the restaurant will have a special machine that will recognize the gender, age and mood of the customers, based on which it will make some suggestions of the potential order.

The technology is based on guessing what customers may want to eat prior to an actual order. The face recognition hardware of KFC in Beijing will be scanning faces, trying to determine their mood and figure out the age and gender in order to compose the food recommendation. Thus, a male visitor at the age of 20 will be offered a meal set with crispy chicken hamburger, roasted chicken wings and cola while a women in the age of 50 will be suggested to order porridge and soybean milk for breakfast.

Besides, the new technology will memorize constant customers and will make new suggestions based on the previous preferences shown by them.

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