Australian shoppers get access to Alibaba websites through Alipay deal

31 October 2016

Alipay A mutual partnership has been established between Commonwealth Bank of Australia and Alibaba’s financial branch Ant Financial enabling customers and companies in Australia to access commerce websites of Alibaba while allowing users of the online payment system Alipay to make payments in Australia by way of the CBA’s Albert POS devices.

The new deal means that one of the largest bank in the region will be cooperating with Ant Financial to simplify the payment process for aussie shoppers and businesses wishing to make some purchases or deals through the Chinese websites owned by Alibaba Group, including AliExpress.

СBA in turn will provide connection to Alipay service to Chinese tourists travelling in Australia through the bank’s smart tablet POS devices. According to the statistical data about 19 thousand travelers from China come to Australia every week spending nearly 8,000 dollars per capita.

Given those figures Ant Financial makes this strategic move to help its consumers feel comfortable as if they were at home.

Douglas Feagin, Senior Vice President at Ant Financial Services Group and head of Alipay International notes that the company is ambitious about expanding into other regions and countries to increase their consumers from the current number of 450 million to more than 2 billion within the upcoming years, while at the same time boosting the number of merchants using its services.

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