Apple Pay goes viral in the UK with contactless payment amount getting limitless nationwide

23 May 2017

ApplePayContactless payments in the United Kingdom continues its plague under egis of Apple Pay lifting all limits on transaction amounts, as merchants across the nation are increasingly accepting payments now in excess of the previously set bar at £30. Until recent, only several retailers countrywide have accepted limitless transaction amounts since the launch of Apple Pay in 2015.

Spokesperson for Apple Pay noted in the talk with The Telegraph that over 50% of NFC-enabled terminals in the UK now can process payments on Apple Pay without any amount limit, which previously used to be under £30.

In the report Jennifer Bailey, a head Apple Pay’s payment unit, expressed her view of the market saying that major part of contactless payment processing terminals used by the UK merchants now feature no limits on payment amounts. Among the retailers accepting limitless amounts there are such chains as Waitrose and Sainsbury’s, as well as catering brands like Pizza Express and Nando’s.

Apple Pay thus believes such a change in limit amount processing will definitely play into their hands positioning the payment provider as more competitive in the market as compared to other contactless payment options that still have limitations on NFC transactions. Customers desisted from using contactless payment services because they saw no material advantage over the conventional plastic cards, which allow limitless payments.

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