Android Pay discontinues support of Google Wallet cards

3 October 2016

Android PayGoogle is discontinuing the support of the cards inherited from Google Wallet by Android Pay payment system. Now consumers having no card provided by the banks approved at Android Pay can no longer transfer their other bank’s cards from Google Wallet to Android Pay accounts as the company is making the terms of service more restricted.

At the inception of Android Pay shoppers who used Google Wallet were provided an opportunity to link a card of any bank from Google Wallet to the account of Android Pay irrespective of the card belonging to a list of supported banks, which includes Bank of America, Chase, Citi, Discover and Wells Fargo.

Starting 14 October the cards inherited from Google Wallet and transferred to Android Pay will no longer be supported if they are not issued by the approved banks.

Google failed to provide any explanation on the revocation of the card transfer, noting only that at the beginning of Android Pay service the intent was to allow consumers to further use their linked cards as they did when making payments with the old accounts of Google Wallet. The company further says that it could no longer provide such a favor as it was planned for a limited time.

While previously Google Wallet was restricted in order to provide secure payments for consumers, this new restriction comes without security grounds in the explanation.

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