Alipay mobile payments go live for Chinese tourists in Spain through BBVA

28 June 2017

BBVABanco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria, S.A. (BBVA), a multinational Spanish banking group, the second largest bank in Spain, is partnering with Ant Financial to provide Chinese travelers with the ability to pay using their mobile phones through Alipay. The initiative under the management of BBVA’s New Digital Business department is aimed at enlisting Alipay as another payment option on the bank’s SmartPay mobile app.

Under the terms of the partnership merchants across Spain will be accepting Alipay for payments and upgrade their POS terminals for enabling such payment processing. This deal is just another move by Ant Financial on the pace towards strong positioning in the European market.

It is expected that by the year end 1.5 million Chinese travelers will come to see Spain with the forecast spending to account for 1 billion EUR, and Alipay will be just the thing they need for convenient shopping in Europe.

José Fernández da Ponte speaking for BBVA notes that the partnership poses huge opportunities for tackling the growing market of tourists to Spain and it at the same time allows store points in Spain to promote their sales and special offerings to visitors from China.

Da Ponte further adds that BBVA has become the first bank in Spain to enter into a deal with Ant Financial to offer Alipay for mobile payments.

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