Alipay introduces mobile settlements in Hong Kong dollars

24 May 2017

Hong Kong users of Alipay mobile payment service operated by Ant Financial can now access ‘AlipayHK’ account, that has been recently introduced to allow customers in Hong Kong to settle their online transactions in local currency – Hong Kong dollar. The first announcement about potential launch of the new HK-dollar account appeared in the media last October.

Alipay account holders in Hong Kong may now deposit new funds onto their accounts in Hong Kong dollars and need just to show their application generated QR-code. Using AlipayHK account customers may pay for purchases at any convenience store located across the city.

Spokesperson for Ant Financial reported that payments from the newly introduced AlipayHK application will be accepted at over 2000 locations at the inception. Eventually, the number of stores will be increased to 8 thousand or around that figure.

Spokesperson noted that it is the last step forward made by Ant Financial to expand the service coverage of Alipay. Recently, Ant Financial closed its purchase deal with MoneyGram for $880 million. Last month Ant Financial entered into an international scale deal to expand into Indonesian mobile payments market teaming up with Indonesian Emtek Group over the launch of the joint-venture based on the country’s heavily used and downloaded messenger application BBM. In February Ant Financial committed the amount of 200 million US dollars into South Korean Kakao Pay, a mobile finance unit of South Korean mobile commerce business Kakao.

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