Alipay accepted at Lacoste apparel stores across the U.S.

12 January 2018

AlipayAlipay announced the new deal with French apparel brand Lacoste over enabling Chinese customers visiting the United States to make purchases of clothing items and accessories at the brand’s stores using their mobile devices. The payments will be processed through Verifone mobile point of sale terminals.

In the official statement Alipay reported that Verifone would power scanning Alipay QR codes at the POS terminals to accept mobile payments. The companies started their partnership back in 2016 to allow merchants in Europe and North America to process transactions performed using Alipay. Apart from accepting and processing payments on Alipay, merchants may use their Verifone mPOS terminals for targeted marketing campaigns.

Joëlle Grünberg, CEO of Lacoste North and Central America, noted that it is a good chance for the apparel brand to target international visitors to pay using cutting-edge technologies at their boutiques. Now Chinese customers may have a comfort of purchasing items paying for them with the familiar method in the US stores.

Souheil Badran, speaking for Alipay Americas, added that Lacoste stores will lift their barriers on payments and language when interacting with Chinese customers being able to offer better customer experience at the checkout, as visitors from China love brands like Lacoste.

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