Alibaba launches new car OS incorporating Alipay

21 July 2016

AlipayChinese Alibaba announced the release of its OS’Car RX5, a new operating system for a utility vehicle developed in the partnership with the car producer SAIC Motor Corp. It is going to become an intelligent operating system making the car to stand out of other conventional vehicles with the possibility to use Alipay mobile payments. RX5 will become an “internet car” and incorporate internet-of-things in the car manufacturing industry.

YunOS, a unit of Alibaba, has designed the operating system for the new car. It will increase the satisfaction of consumers expanding their experience far beyond simple driving with the information serving as the new fuel for it, as noted by the chairman of the company’s Steering Committee.

Alibaba states that the OS’Car RX5 is not just about using internet from the comfort of your transporting device, it is the start for the great integration of cars into the IOT environment, where data is communicated between the devices increasing driver experience.

The new car will be equipped with the navigation platform and voice control. It is provided with the 3 LED displays to manage the operating system and cameras for making photo shoots and event recording.

The only internet-based service of the newly launched RX5 will be Alipay mobile payments used by drivers to make payments for gas, parking and drinks. The cars will be assigned an individual internet ID so their OS will be able to identify different users in the net and offer tailored advices, including temperature, sound tracks and meals points taking into account choices saved in the memory from the regular trips.

The starting price for the car is $22,300.

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