Agency of US Department of Commerce calls for blockchain regulatory discussions

5 June 2018

In a move to promote adoption and implementation of the blockchain technologies across industries in the United States, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), an agency of the United States Department of Commerce, made a notice of inquiry seeking discussion and suggestions from business owners and entrepreneurs on the policies to regulate emerging technologies.

David Redl, the Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information at the United States Department of Commerce, noted in the NTIA’s notice that all stakeholders are invited to provide their ideas, and at later stages the agency will be updating them on the process of the policy priorities development.

The notice further explains that the priorities laid down by the interested parties will significantly contribute to the work of the agency in pushing forward the growth and innovation of the internet technologies and internet-enabled economy.

Redl said that the agency makes efforts to allow risk-taking US businesses to get access to global markets for offering their products and services. The NTIA plans that within the upcoming years its focus will be increasingly placed on artificial intelligence, blockchain technologies and other innovations, and given this fact the agency wants to know how they could facilitate international-scale discussions in this area.

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