ABN Amro, IBM et al to host blockchain event in Amsterdam

12 September 2016

Leading companies each in its industry ABN Amro along with IBM, Holland FinTech and technology association Linux Foundation plan to hold an event to be known as Hyperledger hackathon to host talented young people to present their ideas on financial software programs that could be used based on the blockchain technology.

The event is going to last for 36 hours and will take place according to some data on October 3-4 and according to other sources on October 11-12 in Amsterdam. The sponsors of the event want to see qualified developers, students of technical specialties and companies already conducting their business in financial technology sector.

The main prize for the show is over 100 thousand US dollars in Bluemix license credits. Other prizes include Virtual Reality Heads, 3D printers and drones.

The event is held within the framework of the project launched last December and known as Open Ledger Project. Later the title was changed to the Hyperledger Project. The initiative was arranged in a move to promote and develop blockchain sector by creating open standards for almost any digital exchange.

To date the Project expanded and includes over eighty participants from various spheres, among them there are companies in the financial, aeronautics, health care and other industries.

Thus, ABN Amro together with technology players is preparing for their own implementation of the Hyperledger Project mission by attracting fresh ideas and young forces to make further discoveries in the distributed ledgers field.

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