5 personal finance management applications for your Android, iOS and Windows devices that are worth noticing

3 March 2017

Personal finance management applications offered by developers are ample today: from calculating your costs and saving your money to investing small changes into Exchange Traded Funds and protecting you against the credit card frauds and wrong charges, – just make your choice and pick up the one that suits you the most. Here is our brief review of top rated money and budget management applications developed for various platforms including iOS, Android, Windows Phone and PCs.


MintWe definitely can’t ignore the raising popularity of Mint with the number of users claimed to be over 20 million in 2016. Developed by Aaron Patzer, Mint was acquired by Intuit in November 2009 and will be completely combined with Mint Bills platform, formerly known as Check created by Check, Inc, that was also acquired by Intuit in December 2014. While Mint.com and Mint Bills still exist as separate services, the company notified its customers that on March 26, 2017 Mint Bills will go away, but the entire functionality will be integrated into one application Mint.

Mint is a free application that is focused on helping users track their bank, credit card, investment, and loan balances and transactions while at the same time plan their budgets and set financial goals. Available as a web-based service and in Android and iOS versions, Mint may group your spending into categories, provide you notifications when you approach your budget limit. Besides, you may also customize the application to provide you special advices on how to make savings.

Mint Bills, as it is quite clear from the name, is mainly designed for paying bills either using bank account or credit card. This application also features some mobile banking functions, budget and cost tracking as well as alerts and notifications on limits.

EZ Financial Calculators

EZ Financial CalculatorsWhile Bishinew Incorporated, located in Naperville, IL, US, is a relatively young and rather small company, its package of Financial Calculators is extremely impressive. Nevertheless, its ranking across the globe and in its homeland – United States, is sadly low. According to the data provided by AppTweak, a service offering personalized app marketing reports, EZ Financial Calculators is ranked at 139 across the US, with the lowest rank in the UK – 1,400.

Despite such modest score in App Store Optimization and just 1 million downloads from Google Play Market, Financial Calculators represent an immense set of multi-category calculators, providing assistance to users across such areas as: Finance and Investment, Loan/Mortgage, Retirement, Stock Exchange, Credit Cards, Auto Loan and Lease, Fuel, US Inflation, Salary increase and many more subgroups.

Users may rely on Financial Calculators as a tool to measure in figures their budget and opportunities advising across many required spending types and forecasting the outcome. Customers may figure out the payments and interests on the credits they want to take or expenses on buying a property or investing into stocks. While these calculators does not provide money management, it may prove a substantial help in taking right financial decisions. Users may download Financial Calculators from Google Play Market for free or for $4.99 subscription, the paid version, as it should be expected, contains no advertisement.


AcornsThe business of Acorns is based on the activity of Acorns Advisers LLC, which an SEC registered investment adviser, operating the website of Acorns, that interacts directly with individual customers, and Acorns Securities LLC, a member of FINRA and SIPC, that provides brokerage services to customers. Founded in 2012 by Jeff Cruttenden and his father, Walter Cruttenden this American financial company offers customers to round up the amount of their payment to the next dollar and invest the spare change into one of these six ETFs:

– Vanguard S&P 500 Index ETF (VOO)

– Vanguard Small Cap Index ETF (VB)

– Vanguard Emerging Markets FTSE Index ETF (VWO)

– Vanguard REIT ETF (VNQ)

– BlackRock iShares iBoxx $ Investment Grade Corporate Bond ETF (LQD)

– BlackRock iShares 1-3 Treasury Bond ETF (SHY)

The service, available both for Android devices and iPhones, connects directly to the bank account of individuals which may customize the investment parameters by selecting either one-time or recurring investments based on daily, weekly or monthly renewal. Besides, customers may establish the amount which they want to be rounded up. While the key offering is in investing spare change into traded funds, customers may select to invest the whole amount up to $30,000. Accounts with investments under $5,000 are serviced for a monthly fee of $1, while accounts with investments exceeding $5,000 are serviced for 0.25% per year.

According to the mission statement Acorns targets youngsters or millennials to foster their habit of trading at stock exchanges. Given the small amounts invested into the ETFs, returns do not seem to be enriching, while in terms of percentage profit is rather reasonable. Hence, as noted by an author of Acorns service review on Business Insider ‘being still very young and having never invested money in the stock market before, this has done exactly what it’s meant to. I’ve become genuinely interested in the market and want to invest as much money as I can, which has hopefully led me to a successful future investing.’

Money Lover

Money LoverMoney Lover is a Vietnamese response to Mint, launched in 2012 and owned by Hanoi-based fintech company Finsify Co., Ltd. Money Lover represents a cross-platform finance management application available for Android, iOS and Windows mobile devices with over 1 million users and 5 million downloads as of 2016. In 2015 Money Lover was recognized by Google as Top Developer & Editors’ Choice application.

Like many similar personal finance management applications Money Lover helps users track their budgets combining both their banking and cash statements guiding them through expenses planning and spending control. Money Lover categorizes user’s expenses and income and provides notifications of the recurring transactions and bill payments. It also reports on the current exchange rates across various countries during the travel and allows synchronizing the data between devices. While customers concerned with security issues may favor the app’s independence of the bank account, it may turn somewhat inconvenient, as many operations with the budget and spending calculation and planning as well as recurring bill payment should be performed manually.

Still users may enjoy some extra convenience if they pay for premium account. If a customer just want to remove the annoying advertisement it costs $2, but if a user needs some supplementary functions, such as additional wallet, budget and event plan, it will go for $4.99.


MobillsMobills is just another personal finance manager getting increasingly popular among users, that was launched in 2013 by MobillsLabs, a company located in Fortaleza – Ceará, Brazil. Currently there are total 2,124,269 users and 2 million downloads across various platforms, including Android, iOS and Windows Phone. The key message of the application is to help customers with their dreams to come true as the developers believe that right budget planning and expenses management may bring people closer to their financial goals.

Customers may use Mobills both for cash and credit card transactions tracking with the alert capability to notify users when they approach the preset budget limit. Besides, the application sends notifications by email about possible debts on credit cards, advising customers to make full repayment of the expenses on their card in order to avoid interests accrued on purchases made on credit. Mobills has special Dreams Tool, where users may identify their dreams and plan how much money they will be saving for that. As is the case with other counterparts in the personal finance management, Mobills provides the history of your transactions in the form of graphics, and, predictably, categorizes all expenses and spending while linking your expenditures to certain locations using geo-location feature.

While the application is available for free, during the installation users get PRO version for a 15-day trial period upon expiration whereof only basic services will be available and in order to prolong the full functionality package users will have to fork over $24.99 per year or $14.99 per quarter.

Wealth accumulation goes far beyond the ability to make money, it is also about efficient spending of what you earn. Wise planning and setting priorities with a prospect to allocate expenses with maximum benefit is no longer a matter of hiring a high-paid qualified financial advisor or accountant, insomuch as having a laptop, smartphone or tablet is fair enough to manage your budget with results exceeding mere austerity and money accumulated to make you fortune.


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