Go Green Processing launches first POS solution for processing payments for cannabis

14 July 2017

Go Green ProcessingGo Green Processing, a United States-based payment processing solutions provider, unveiled the introduction of a complex point-of-sale system designed for suppliers of medical cannabis and marijuana. In the official statement the company reported that its POS solution is accompanied with cash depository processing provided for free with the vault. Besides, the vault can be used as an ATM capable to operate 20 thousand cash notes at a time.

Jerry Kelly speaking for Go Green Processing, notes that now payment and transaction processing becomes available for medical marijuana sector in the United States. The solution offered by Go Green Processing, aims to provide an opportunity for patients and customers to have smooth and convenient experience with the marijuana industry as is the case for other business sectors.

The user vault ensures convenient operation for merchants and is serviced by a dedicated armored vehicle that remains accessible for all the time. After depositing the funds may be transferred completely to the bank account in real time.

The statement further notes that the newly introduced POS solution targets exclusively the medical cannabis industry providing a multi-device platform that may be operated on the go. From now on participants of medical cannabis market may accept and process payment cards along with the cash using the single POS system controlling the whole process from buying and storage to sales.

The solution reportedly can process transactions made on cards, accept depositing cash in-house, integration from seeding to sales and monitoring the funds using online banking, bank wire or electronic cheques. The system also supports a dedicated Go Green Debit Card.

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