19 June 2017

WorldpayWorldpay, a payment processing company listed on London Stock Exchange, examines its mobile point of sale platform in a trial run to enable retailers with access only to cash payments to expand their payment options offering, by accepting payments on cards processed through their mobile devices. Worldpay is testing its My Business Mobile solution that can be used by downloading the mobile application on the smartphone to operate it as a POS device.

With the dedicated mobile application NFC-enabled smartphones will be able to accept contactless payments made on cards with NFC chip, and no additional equipment is required for processing such transactions. Worldpay underlines advantage of its solution over similar market offerings such as iZettle, SumUp and Square, as merchants need to acquire chip-and-PIN reading devices additionally to process transactions on mobile devices.

Worldpay plans to conduct the trial run of the platform with up to 50 small businesses located in London during the current year. Those retail outlets include coffee carts, barbers, festival vendors, market traders and pop-up shops with Feijoa Tree Coffee to be the first to operate the solution.

Last month Worldpay launched another trial to pilot its virtual reality payment system with the use of HTC Vive VR set. The trial was supposed to be a model application allowing gamers immersed into the virtual reality world to make purchases in-game by imitating the real-world card payment transaction.

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