100% mobile bank is launched to general audience in Israel

9 November 2016

Largest bank of Israel Bank Leumi unveiled its plans to launch mobile-based bank for the wide audience of customers before the end of the year. It was earlier this year introduced only for friends and family known as Pepper and powered by Temenos T24. It was first launched with online lending services and now it is going to provide also savings and p2p payments using the application Pepper Pay.

A president of the bank Rakefet Russak-Aminoach notes that Pepper is expected to develop into the global business similar to Waze, a GPS-based geographical navigation application program. The president expressed its belief in that the bank is forced to comply with the modern trends as the technologies are evolving shifting consumers focus into the mobile and internet space.

The latest move of Leumi is in line with its efforts to stay afloat as it was closing many branches emerging some of them nationwide.

Pepper represents a totally mobile service without fees for many transactions on the account with continuous expansion and addition of new innovations to the platform.

Leumi own assets of 416 billion US dollars with its net income amounting to 28.8 billion US dollars. Currently the bank serves consumers in Israel and 21 other countries worldwide, including USA, Switzerland, the UK, Mexico, Uruguay, Romania, Jersey, and China.

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